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We heat our blacktop to 300 degrees Farenheit before applying. This heat with our high compaction machinery sets an extremely stable layer onto your parking lot, driveway or roadway. This means:

- No surprise lifting after the job is done

- Years of trouble free service

- A clean flat, dense surface that remains smooth for many years.

We are very choosey about the added aggregate into our pavement mix. The hot asphalt binds our fine aggregate into place acting like tine reinforcing bars set into a matrix, which produces a resilient surface. This approach repels water and ice making a much safer roadway for you and your family.

Before deciding on just anybody to do your paving job, consider MacKinley Clark Paving Ltd. for the best paved surface you can get. We offer fast, professional, quality paving for all your pavement needs.

Quality with very competitive prices.

History of Asphalt

- The first recorded use of asphalt was in road construction in Babylon around 625 B.C.

- The roadways in the United States are 94% Tarmac

- This versatile blacktop is not only used in roads but driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, racetracks and many other open surface areas that need a smooth, durable, long wearing surface.

- Bitumen is the core ingredient for asphalt concrete or what we call Blacktop.

- New non-petroleum based renewable bitumen alternates are starting to make their way into the paving scene. Materials such as sugar, molasses, rice and vegetable starches can be used instead of oil based substances. (I guess what you don't use will make a tasty lunch afterwards).

- Asphalt is only used as a binder, gluing together aggregate particles to form a packed, cohesive surface.

- Blacktop has been used in North American road construction since approximately 1870.

Names for Pavement

To cover all the bases I want to go over the spectrum of names that people use to describe our roadway surfaces.

Some of these names include:

1) Pavement

2) Asphalt

3) Blacktop

4) Tarmac

5) Macadem

6) Plant Mix

7) Asphalt Concrete

8) Bituminous Concrete



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